Sam Barlow Teases Half Mermaid's Next Game Project A

On the five-year anniversary of Her Story's launch, creator Sam Barlow is kicking off the hype machine for his team's next game.

Sam Barlow is best known for his indie hit Her Story. The 2015 game was an instant success and demonstrated that FMV games can absolutely be phenomenal. He and his team followed that up with last year’s Telling Lies. And now, on Her Story‘s fifth anniversary, Barlow and the crew at Half Mermaid are starting to tease their next game. Give Project A a look below.

If you follow the link to Project A‘s Steam page, you quickly notice there’s basically no info there. Everything is stricken from the records, leaving you with just bits and pieces. The summary description reads “…new…Sam Barlow…Half Mermaid…is…cinema…death”, which, of course, makes perfect sense. In the full write up the words you can pick out are “Gothic”, “NYC”, “pop star”, and “Barlow…custodian…concordance”.

It’s all suitably weird. Barlow’s games always take an innovative approach to story-telling, so it makes sense for Half Mermaid to do the same with their Steam page. That said, there are probably a few things we can expect. Most likely, the game will use live-action video. The images on the Steam page certainly seem to point in that direction.

We can also probably safely assume whatever you think is going to happen won’t. Barlow’s games love to turn your expectations on its head. Given how odd this initial tease is, I expect nothing different out of Project A.

Of course, we don’t yet have a release date for Project A. All we know is that it’s coming PC. Until we know more, make sure to check out both Her Story and Telling Lies if you haven’t. They’re both great games.

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