Get Your Hands on the Sam Raimi Spider-Man Suit for Free on PS4 Today

In Insomniac Games latest update exclusively on PlayStation 4, players can now obtain the Sam Raimi suit for Marvel’s Spider-Man for free

December 20, 2018

Recently, Spider-Man fans up and down the country expressed their disapproval on the absence of suits in Spider-Mans latest DLC, especially a certain Sam Raimi movie costume and took to Twitter in outrage to hurl insults at the studio. Today it just goes to show how well Insomniac actually do listen to their fans and just in time for the holidays they’ve gifted a little treat for their community, as seen in their latest tweet on Twitter:

As of today, Insomniac Games has now added the Sam Raimi suit to the game in an update so players can swing, jump, point at random people, and take selfies around the city of New York and pretend they’re Toby Maguire from the movies – if that’s your thing, of course.


Lately, it was revealed that Marvel’s Spider-Man would be getting it’s very own comic series in March 2019 called Marvel’s Spider-Man: City at War, with some stuff that we didn’t see in the game getting displayed in the upcoming comics.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is available now exclusively on PlayStation 4. If you haven’t played this superhero masterpiece yet, you can pick up a copy via Amazon. You can also read our review and also our own DualShocker’s staff writer Chris’s take on why they think Marvel’s Spider-Man’s story missed some opportunities to bring him to the modern age.


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