Sample Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor’s Original Soundtrack

on November 8, 2014 3:36 PM

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has announced the release of the original soundtrack to Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

Players of the game can further immerse themselves in the sweeping lands of Mordor with video game musical composer Garry Schyman (BioShock Infinite) and Nathan Grigg (F.E.A.R., Condemned, No One Lives Forever 2) that is both impactful and magical.

The 47-track score, available on iTunes is takes a much darker turn from previous Lord of the Rings video game soundtracks or even Howard Shore’s score, sounding like one long continuous battle sequence at times.

The track list includes:

  1. The Gravewalker – Nathan Grigg
  2. He Has Returned to Mordor – Nathan Grigg
  3. Talion Awakens – Garry Schyman
  4. A Perfect Swing for Killing Chickens – Garry Schyman
  5. Attack on the Gate – Garry Schyman
  6. Ioreth – Nathan Grigg
  7. Stealth Is My Only Advantage – Garry Schyman
  8. The Black Hand Wants Him Alive – Garry Schyman
  9. Family Killings / Banished From Death – Nathan Grigg
  10. An Easy Mistake to Fix – Garry Schyman
  11. Ratbag – Nathan Grigg
  12. Military Genius – Garry Schyman
  13. The Ruins – Garry Schyman
  14. Warchief I – Nathan Grigg
  15. Gollum – Garry Schyman
  16. The Caragors – Nathan Grigg
  17. Celebrimbor – Nathan Grigg
  18. The Ghuls / Bright Master / Hirgon – Garry Schyman
  19. Internment Camp – Garry Schyman
  20. Finding Eryn – Garry Schyman
  21. The Gorthaur – Nathan Grigg
  22. You Have Sealed Their Doom – Garry Schyman
  23. Sacrilege – Garry Schyman
  24. The Hammer – Garry Schyman
  25. The Hammer Falls / Lithariel – Nathan Grigg
  26. Queen of the Shore – Garry Schyman
  27. Fort Morn – Nathan Grigg
  28. Warchief II – Garry Schyman
  29. The Beast Hunter – Garry Schyman
  30. Caragor Riding – Nathan Grigg
  31. Riding the Graug – Nathan Grigg
  32. Saruman Revealed – Garry Schyman
  33. Warchief III – Nathan Grigg/Garry Schyman
  34. Torvin and the Mighty Graug – Garry Schyman
  35. Nurnen Fishery – Garry Schyman
  36. The Rescue – Nathan Grigg
  37. I Don’t Belong Here – Nathan Grigg
  38.  Barad Nurn – Nathan Grigg
  39. The Nemesis – Garry Schyman
  40. The Curse – Garry Schyman
  41. The Tower – Garry Schyman
  42. This Was Your Doing – Nathan Grigg
  43. Ashes / The Bright Lord / The Precious is Ours – Garry Schyman/Nathan Grigg
  44. The Black Hand’s Gift – Nathan Grigg
  45. Sealed Together in Death – Nathan Grigg
  46. Could You Really Rest? – Nathan Grigg
  47. The Gravewalker (closing credits re-mix) – Nathan Grigg

Four complete tracks are available below.

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