Samsara Gets a Deluxe Edition for Nintendo Switch Adding More Puzzles to the Game

Samsara Gets a Deluxe Edition for Nintendo Switch Adding More Puzzles to the Game

Trying to solve puzzles in one dimension is confusing enough, so Samsara makes you solve puzzles in two.

Samsara is heading to the Nintendo Switch as a deluxe edition after originally launching in February earlier this year. The Nintendo Switch version of the title is an extended edition with more levels being made available.

Marker’s Samsara won the “That Game Like Clockwork” award at the Play by Play awards earlier this year and was also a finalist for another two award ceremonies. It’s an arty looking puzzler that finds players placing various types of blocks to reach the end goal of each level. However, the protagonist and a mysterious shadow transport through two dimensions, one dimension being the above world, the other being the reflected world below.

Anything added to the reflected world will be reflected into the above world, leaving players with the challenge to place blocks specifically to complete the level flawlessly. There’s a trailer below that shows off the gameplay and what puzzles you can expect.

Samsara Deluxe doesn’t only bring the base game, but it also introduces a further twenty-four levels set in a brand new environment, thus bringing the title’s number of levels to over one-hundred. Each world is hand-detailed and some feature hidden Easter Eggs waiting to be discovered. Samsara Deluxe also enhances gameplay by introducing a new elevator block and allows players to enjoy the game docked, handheld, and even touchscreen.

Samsara Deluxe is now available on Nintendo Switch. The standard edition is available on Xbox One, PC, Android, and iOS.