Samurai Shodown Highlights Shiki in Latest Character Trailer

Samurai Shodown Highlights Shiki in Latest Character Trailer

Samurai Shodown for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch is bringing Samurai Shodown 64's Shiki back into the fray.

SNK’s Samurai Shodown will be out in just about a month and a half, though new characters are still consistently being revealed. Today, Shiki was confirmed to be returning in this new Samurai Shodown game with her own action packed trailer. You can see her in action in the video below:

Shiki first appeared in Samurai Shodown 64, where she was subject to being a servant of Yuga. Fortunately, she was freed and has been charting her own path since. That being said, she’s seems to be in an interesting situation during the events of this latest Samurai Shodown, as her official description reads “After waking on Mt Osore one day with no memory and no identification, Shiki took the swords she found at the foot of the mountain and set out to roam the land.”

And use those swords she does. While short, Shiki’s reveal trailer showcasing the pure speed and flurry of her various sword attacks. Shiki definitely seems like she will a be a character that is a necessity to prepare for in the competitive scene. Samurai Shodown actually made it into EVO 2019, and according to DualShockers’ own preview its a fighting game you won’t want to miss out on.

Those of you who want to learn more about the game can check out our interview with several of the developers over at SNK. Samurai Shodown releases for PS4 and Xbox One on June 27 and will come to PC and Nintendo Switch as well later in 2019.