Samurai Shodown Adds the Bulky Wan-Fu Later this Week

Samurai Shodown Adds the Bulky Wan-Fu Later this Week

Samurai Shodown will be getting its last free DLC character for early adoptors, Wan-Fu, alongside balance patch 1.50 on December 18.

Shovel Knight Showdown isn’t the only fighting game with a variation of “showdown” in its title that you should be keeping an eye on this month. SNK’s Samurai Shodown is getting an update as well. In addition to various balance fixes, the developers will finally add Wan-Fu, the final character from the first Season Pass, to Samurai Shodown on December 18, 2019.

The balance adjustments that patch 1.50 will bring are small but should still be notable to some players. For Galford players, SNK  fixed an issue where Poppy would do something players didn’t ask it to do. As for Basara users, his guard break when up against a wall will be nerfed and a collision issue with Shadow Dance Dream Pull has been mended. Finally, an input timing issue for advancing and retreating that applied to all characters has been resolved. You can check out the full list of patch notes on SNK’s website if need be. 

Wan-Fu was first introduced in the original Samurai Shodown, though his roster appearances have been more spotty than some other original fighters. He definitely seems like a slower fighter, but he is also bulky and packs a punch. You can see him in action in his reveal trailer below:

As I mentioned, Wan-Fu is the final character from the first season pass to grace Samurai Shodown. Rimiruru, Basara, Kazuki Kazama, and Wan-Fu made up this season pass for the fighting game and were free to anyone who purchased the game in its first week. Shizumaru Hisame was also added as a free fighter for everyone in September. Wan-Fu’s release later this week will bring the free content for early adopters to an end, but this isn’t the end of support for Samurai Shodown. It is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC in 2020 and a second season pass that includes four more characters, including Mina Majikina, will roll out over the course of next year as well.

Samurai Shodown is available now for PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One and can be picked up on Amazon.

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