Samurai Shodown Fighter Kazuki Shows His Burning Spirit in the Latest DLC Trailer

Kazuki Kazuma is the star of the latest Samurai Shodown DLC trailer and he introduces himself with his trademark burning spirit.

The latest Samurai Shodown DLC fighter trailer showcases Kazuki Kazama’s skillset, which not only features brutal sword slashes but his devastating (and literal) firepower. Kazuki is the brother of Sogetsu and the co-protagonist of the series since first introduced in Samurai Shodown IV.

In previous titles, Kazuki is a sharp contrast to his brother in that most of his attacks are short-ranged and risky if preformed improperly. He sacrifices range for speed, possesses combos of either the long or insanely damaging variety, and a monstrous (if flawed) air game. He also had a single projectile move, his fire attack. It’s also nice that they kept his one-handed fighting introduced in 64 but his sword is at his hip now instead of his shoulder.

From the glimpse we see of his fighting style in the trailer below, he’ll most likely retain those traits. But it’ll remain to be scene how he’ll be balanced in this title:

Kazuki is a hot-headed and rambunctious youth, lacking the emotional restraint common to other ninja characters. He often goes with his gut feelings, choosing to ignore the consequences of his actions until he’s faced with it. He cares deeply for his siblings, though he often dotes on Hazuki.

The previous trailer and DLC for Basara released in October and Wan-Fu, the final character, will arrive in December of this year. Samurai Shodown‘s “Season 1” DLC, which has already seen the release of Rimururu and Shizumaru Hisame, is expanding with the release of Basara. The season pass is available for $19.99, or you can purchase each individual character for $5.99. There’s also a “Season 2” DLC pack coming in 2020. The game is available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

You can check out our full DualShockers interview to learn even more about this game. As the game developers stated, “[Samurai Shodown is] not really modernized, it is really is faithful to the old ones because we feel like it stands out, that the general systems stand out, because if high-damage, high-risk, high-reward nature of the game.” There’s also our review of Samurai Shodown here which we considered “one of the best fighters this generation with unique gameplay and a gorgeous art style.”

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