Samurai Shodown is Now Releasing for PS4 and Xbox One June 25, Dojo Mode Unveiled

A new Samurai Shodown trailer was also released today that introduces players to the SNK fighter's history, mechanics, story, and brand new Dojo Mode.

While Samurai Shodown was previously slated for a June 27, 2019 release, today SNK confirmed that the game will now be releasing for PS4 and Xbox One on June 25, 2019. In addition to this, a new trailer was released and the developers announced that those who pick up Samurai Shodown before the end of June will receive its Season Pass for free.

According to SNK, this Season Pass will cover the first six months of DLC content for Samurai Shodown, which includes 4 new fighters, so it seems like a pretty good deal for early adopters. Those early adopters will have to opt for PS4 or Xbox One though, as the previously confirmed Nintendo Switch and PC ports are quite a ways away. SNK is tating that Samurai Shodown will finally hit Nintendo Switch sometime in Q4 2019 while the PC version has an even vaguer release window of simply “at a later date.”

While this news may be disappointing to PC and Nintendo Switch fighting game players, Samurai Shodown’s latest trailer will still get you excited about the series’ return if you weren’t already. This “101 trailer” does a great job on getting players up to speed with series history, general gameplay concepts, and the brand new Dojo Mode that lets players create, fight, and upload “ghosts” that match their playstyle. You can check out this new trailer below:

Dojo Mode is not only one of the biggest features in the trailer, but a mode the developers are excited to have gotten in the game as well. SNK Lead Producer Yasuyuki Oda explained that “Dojo Mode has been a franchise aspiration for the team for some time now and an evolution to the fighting genre that we’re very proud of. Not only will it give players the opportunity to play against the ghosts of some of the best Samurai Shodown players in the world, but playing against your own ghost will prove an amazing tool to learn more about your own playstyle.”

Samurai Shodown’s box art was revealed today as well, and sports the image of Haohmaru SNK has been touting since the game’s announcement. If you want to learn more about the game, you can check out both our preview from PAX East and our interview with several of the game’s developers. Samurai Shodown will arrive for PS4 and Xbox One on June 25, Nintendo Switch in Q4 2019, and PC “at a later date.”

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