Samurai Shodown Sen Now Available

By Jon Ireson

March 30, 2010

Samurai Shodown Sen has finally made its debut as the latest in the legendary arcade weapon fighting series from SNK PLAYMORE on the Xbox 360. You can pick up this next-gen rebirth sporting 24 unique fighters to choose from including 13 favorites such as Haohmaru, Hanzo, and Jubei. This title looks like it will have slash-tactic fans will be chopping away for a long time. Read more for why people who have or have not played a fighter in a while should keep their eyes out for this one.

From bringing the brutality back to finisher moves to expanding gameplay modes and giving a unique story for each character this game is bringing a lot to the table for your $49.99. The title features great graphics set in the Japanese feudal time period with samurai swords galore, rage explosive attacks, and multiple rapid aerial combination attacks. This M rated title can be yours today and features Blood, Gore, Bubbling Sexual Themes, and Violent Beat-downs issued by you and your friends to each other over Xbox Live. Sorry for all of you who do not have an Xbox 360, you will have to sit this one out for now! What a shame.

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