Samurai Shodown Sen Screens, Xbox Exclusive?

By Jon Ireson

February 12, 2010

Here are some screens and release information about Samurai Shodown Sen, an upcoming title from SNK and XSEED Games.  The game looks visually stunning as well as intense in the game play department.  Given that this is a classic fighter series, there is high quality concept refinements expected.  One of the best fighters?  I don’t know about that.  But this game makes me feel like maybe I am a samurai soldier or a stealth ninja, and that’s a slightly different flavor then most of the other popular fighters currently being played right now.  If you can’t wait a minute to see the swordplay, lightning arcs, and lush battlegrounds in these screens by all means scroll below to the bottom of this post.  However, for the more discerning readers I would like to propose a thought about exclusivity.

So, another exclusive game has been announced for Microsoft Xbox 360.  But is it going to remain exclusive?  It is unclear to me, given the 360’s part with “exclusive” content, whether or not this will be truly exclusive.  These days we’ve seen everything from Assassin’s Creed, The Elder Scrolls, Dead Rising, Grand Theft Auto 4, to Fallout 3 and Worms, and many others bring their exclusive content over to the PlayStation 3.  Many games have taken this path before, and timed exclusivity is something DualShockers has come across in discussions before, especially during ShockCast episode 4 (check it here for those who may have missed it).

We were told time and time again that some games would be exclusive only to find out that they were in fact developed for multiple platforms and simply marketed in a way some might call ‘trickery’ of the consumer.  The next time you catch yourself falling for one of these, just remember many installments of Halo, Gears of War, Fable, Mass Effect, and a metric ton of other games that were once hailed the best Xbox exclusives turned out to only be timed console exclusives.  This to me also means its not exclusive because I can play it on the PC hooked up to a LCD HD monitor or TV, circumventing ever needing the Xbox.  Many PC gamers would also argue this is better graphically, especially if the user is familiar with parts and orders/builds a custom gaming machine.

So Xbox, Samurai Shodown Sen is coming your way. For some unknown reason the rest of the gaming world will have to wait this one out for now.  This is the eleventh game in the incredible weapon fighting series .  The game is something I will hope to see on PC, and perhaps even PS3 and Wii, in the future.  Fighter fans on the Xbox 360 will likely make a wise decision by embracing it during its release Spring 2010.  Here is more information from XSEED Games about the product:

XSEED Games To Publish SAMURAI SHODOWN SEN for Xbox 360

SAMURAI SHODOWN SEN reveals a society on the brink of collapse, as encroaching Western influences threaten to overrun the ancient, once-hidden culture of lords, serfs, and samurai. Impressive 3D visuals, huge roster of new and returning fighters, brutal finishing moves and online play and leaderboards via Xbox LIVE® online entertainment network complete the series’ much anticipated rebirth on a next-gen platform.

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