Samurai Shodown Developers Delve Into Bringing a Classic Franchise Back

Samurai Shodown Developers Delve Into Bringing a Classic Franchise Back

DualShockers interviewed SNK's Josh Weatherford, Nobuyuki Kuroki, and Yasuyuki Oda about Samurai Shodown at PAX East 2019.

Last week at PAX East, SNK’s latest title Samurai Shodown was on full display. DualShockers had the chance to try out the new fighting game and really enjoyed it. Following our time with the game, DualShockers was able to discuss reviving this series for a modern era with some of the game’s developers.

Specifically, DualShockers was able to talk with Game Designer Josh Weatherford, Game and Art Director Nobuyuki Kuroki, and Producer Yasuyuki Oda about Samurai Shodown. Over the course of our conversation, the three discussed how the fans inspired them to return to the long running series after a break of over 10 years. “One thing is that it was definitely one of the most requested IPs from the fans, we wanted to meet those expectations,” Josh Weatherford said.


While a few new mechanics are being added into the fray, one thing the SNK developers stressed during their interview with DualShockers was that this new Samurai Shodown game is very faithful to the series and its systems. “It’s not really modernized, it is really is faithful to the old ones because we feel like it stands out, that the general systems stand out, because if high-damage, high-risk, high-reward nature of the game,” they told DualShockers.

You can check out the full interview to learn even more about this game below. We’ve recently learned that Samurai Shodown will release for PS4 and Xbox One on June 27 before coming to Nintendo Switch and PC later in the year.