Samurai Shodown V Special Releasing Uncensored on PS4 and PS Vita this Summer

SNK and Code Mystics have teamed up to bring Samurai Shodown V Special to PS4 and PS Vita without the censorship and bugs that the previous versions suffered from.

The Samurai Shodown series has been one of SNK’s more notable fighting game series since its inception in 1993; unfortunately it fell a bit into obscurity and gained a cult-classic status in recent years while The King of Fighters made its awesome return. One Samurai Shodown title people fondly remember is Samurai Shodown V, which was a blast in the arcades, but suffered from a botched console release full of censored content and bugs.

One of the big new things Samurai Showdown V brought to the series upon its release was brutal, bloody Overkill moves that functioned like fatalities in Mortal Kombat. The game garnered some controversy in the arcade because of its violence, and its home console versions ended up suffering a last minute delay in order to censor the violence. In addition to censoring angering fans, the console versions also contained a lot of bugs, which ultimately resulted in SNK having to recall the title in order to fix it.

Up until now, there has never really been a good way to experience the game on home consoles. Fortunately, SNK and Code Mystics announced today that they are teaming up in order to release Samurai Shodown V Special on both PS4 and PS Vita this Summer without the censorship and bugs that plagued the previous version.

For those curious about how the game plays, Samurai Shodown V Special’s fighting system focuses more on spacing and timing your attacks right as opposed to fast-paced combos. Players have two gauges that they need to keep an eye on during each match. The Sword Gauge affects how much damage one deals; any attack one does drains the meter, but it can be regenerates when you aren’t attacking.

The Rage Gauge, which is a staple of the Samurai Shodown series, fills as one takes damage; when it is full, players experience an increase in their attacking power and can pull off a rage explosion that pushes back enemies. During that time, players can also use a powerful weapon flipping attack that hits really hard and disarms one’s opponent. There are also other systems present such as the aforementioned Overkill moves for more dedicated fighting game fans to learn.

In addition to the cleaned up base game, this release of Samurai Shodown V Special will have online multiplayer, trophy support, and a Gallery with concept art. For those attending EVO 2017 this weekend, SNK also announced that the title will be playable at its booth.

You can check out the game’s new teaser trailer below. Samurai Shodown V Special will hit PS4 and PS Vita sometime this Summer.

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