Samurai Shodown Joins the Xbox Series X Release Window Lineup

Samurai Shodown Joins the Xbox Series X Release Window Lineup

Samurai Shodown is making its way to another platform and will arrive on Xbox Series X and S later this winter.

Samurai Shodown has slowly been making its way to every platform around over the past few months, but as we move into the next generation of gaming consoles, the popular fighting title is now confirmed to be releasing on one of the new pieces of hardware.

SNK Corporation announced today that Samurai Shodown is set to be released on both the Xbox Series X and S consoles once they arrive this November. The game won’t be a launch day title for the platforms, with SNK simply saying that it’s due to arrive this winter. As for what might be new in this edition, well, it doesn’t seem like there is anything substantial that SNK is adding for this next-gen version.

You can check out the reveal trailer for Samurai Shodown on the new Xbox consoles right here:

The biggest question revolving around this release of Samurai Shodown comes with whether or not existing owners of the game on Xbox One will be able to freely upgrade on Xbox Series X/S. As of now, SNK hasn’t said outright whether the game will qualify for the Smart Delivery program. Considering most games making the jump between the current-gen and next-gen Xbox are using this functionality though, it seems like there could be a decent chance of Smart Delivery being included here.

If you haven’t played Samurai Shodown already, Xbox Series X might be a good spot to finally jump in. Speaking for our team here at DualShockers, it has been one of our favorite fighting games of the past few years.