San Andreas, Max Payne 2, Fable Part of 360 Deals This Week

on March 15, 2010 12:43 PM

San Andreas, Max Payne 2, Fable Part of 360 Deals This Week

If you have money to spend because you’re a cheap bastard, you might want to invest some of that onto Xbox LIVE this week. “Bu-but, why Yaris?” I’ll tell you why. Because three of the most kick-ass games to grace the last generation of gaming have slipped their way to the $10 mark this week.

Max Payne 2, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and the first Fable are, as of right now, 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE. That’s $10 a piece, which is half the original price. Damn digital downloads and their cheaper price tags. I remember paying $50 bucks for those games. 

If you have absolutely nothing else better to do with your time besides play countless hours of games, then you should probably consider picking up both San Andreas and Fable as both games will keep you extremely distracted for hours. How can this deal get any sweeter? And please, no jokes on high consumptions of sugar – I have a mother who’s diabetic.

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