Santa Brings the Holiday Spirit To Castle MMO “Stronghold Kingdoms”

Santa Brings the Holiday Spirit To Castle MMO “Stronghold Kingdoms”


The Winter Update has just come to Firefly Studios’ castle MMO Stronghold Kingdoms, and it comes with three special updates: a new “Vacation Mode,” an in-game advent calender with millions of prizes to be won, and what all kids-at-heart crave: snow.

Snow will be falling everywhere the next time players log in, with some areas blanketed with heavier amounts, or with festive trees.

Vacation Mode was a much requested (and now delivered) feature that allows players to set their Kingdoms account to “Vacation Mode” and get a maximum of 15 days that their villages and castles can’t be attacked. Think of it as some kind of virtual Maximum Security that keeps all inside safe until the Vacation’s over.

Last but certainly not least, players will gain access to the 2012 Stronghold Kingdoms Christmas Giveaway today. Among the gifts are Card Packs and Premium Tokens, with new gifts going out daily. And even if players don’t win anything during the entirety of the giveaway, they are guaranteed a prize on Christmas Day.

Players are allowed two chances to win per day, between December 12th and January 1st, when the giveaway ends. Firefly Studios say that nearly a million in-game prizes were given out last year, and that the odds have been doubled this year.

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