Santa Claus Comes to an EVE Online Near You

Santa Claus Comes to an EVE Online Near You

Christmas (or your favorite December holiday) is coming, and MMORPG developers are scrambling to provide their players with perks and bonuses.

CCP has been doing that for a while in a (successful, it seems) attempt to regain the trust of the EVE Online playerbase after a few choices that some considered negative, and with Christmas around the corner the Icelandic developer decided to keep on giving.

Eve Online players are now encouraged to go to their account management page and choose a Christmas gift between 23 different options that vary from a newbie-friendly full set of destroyers and equipment, to 2000 Aurum for the fashion victims, passing by special edition ships like the Primae or the Zephyr that were previously made available only in special occasions. You can find a full list here.

The chosen gift will be available to be redeemed starting from December the 22nd, and I have to say that I’m pretty damn conflicted on what to chose for myself.

On a side note, the second part of the Genolution bonus implant set will be redeemable only until December the 21st, so if you still didn’t get it, you may want to. If, for some reason, you missed the first part of the set, you probably should select just that as your Christmas gift, since the set bonuses are really quite spiffy.