Satellite Repairman Fixes Video Signal for New Launch Trailer

Satellite Repairman Fixes Video Signal for New Launch Trailer

Portuguese developer Bit Outside the Box sent out a press release recently detailing the release of their latest game, Satellite Repairman. The Missile Defense inspired indie title launches on Steam on February 2nd with no price given yet.

Gameplay centers around protecting your planet from airborne threats by maintaining your array of satellites. The spherical levels has your repairman running everywhere to fix the latest malfunction. You can also zip around in your jet pack to reach and maintain your orbital machines. Just be careful not to be too eager with your thrusters or the in game physics will punish you by sending you right into an active missile.

Other features include:

Different Gameplay Modes

  • Mission Scenarios (goal-oriented levels)
  • Endless Survival (survive attack waves)
  • Sandbox mode (create your own challenges)

Research new technology

Use the Research Center to upgrade and research new technology, improving your skills, unlocking new satellites modules and defense systems.

Plan and deploy

Order and deploy new satellites and buildings to lay out a perfect defensive strategy for your planet.

3 different planets

Play across 3 different planets, each with its own challenges.

It’s nice to see those arcade-y feeling games still out there to offer simple experiences that you can just jump into and play. The action looks laid-back but things look like they can get out of hand quite easily. Satellite Repairman will be out early February: here’s hoping our own signals remain strong on that day.

You can view the launch trailer below: