Satoru Iwata to Deliver Wii News Tomorrow

on June 2, 2012 5:00 PM

A new Nintendo Direct will be airing tomorrow with a hot topic: the Wii U, or, more specifically, the concept of it and its goal as a gaming system. With E3 just a scant few days away, the upcoming Nintendo Direct comes as a surprise. Satoru Iwata is scheduled for a media briefing in two days, as well, which means the next few days will be jammed pack with information on the system itself.

What do we know so far about the Wii U? Obviously, it is intended as a successor to the Wii. It’s also the seventh console in the Nintendo line, but will be the first to feature 1080p high-definition graphics, meaning Nintendo fans will be able to experience their favorite classics at a higher resolution and quality than ever before. Given that there were some disappointments graphically with the Wii’s release, the upgrade to the new system is highly anticipated.

To view the Nintendo Direct when it airs, check out this link tomorrow at 3PM PDT.

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