Saturday Morning RPG Getting a Physical Release for Nintendo Switch via Limited Run Games

Saturday Morning RPG Getting a Physical Release for Nintendo Switch via Limited Run Games

Nostalgic gamers will have a chance to pre-order Saturday Morning RPG for the Nintendo Switch on May 25th in a new physical release from Limited Run Games.

Nobody is having a better year than people that are nostalgic for the 1980s. With the release of Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, the upcoming Han Solo spinoff, and the announcement of a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, the 1980s find themselves very much at the apex of pop culture. As of yesterday, fans of the decade have another reason to rejoice with the news that Limited Run Games will be releasing a physical edition of Saturday Morning RPG for the Nintendo Switch.

Saturday Morning RPG is a pixelated role-playing-game that serves as a walking homage to 1980s popular culture. In the game, players control Martin Michael Hall, an average teenager who gets magical powers bestowed upon him, as they traverse an open map, engage in turn-based-combat, and level up their character with the hope of defeating the nefarious Commander Hood. Originally released on iOS in 2012, Saturday Morning RPG has garnered a positive reaction (boasting a near perfect score on Steam) and has subsequently been released for virtually every platform since then.

This news of the upcoming physical edition doesn’t come as much of a surprise — Limited Run Games already released a physical edition of Saturday Morning RPG for the PS4 and PlayStation Vita back in 2016. Now, with the announcement of the Nintendo Switch version, fans that missed out have another opportunity to own a tangible version of the game.

Preorders for Saturday Morning RPG will be available on Friday, May 25th at 10:30am Eastern through Limited Run’s website. Fans of role-playing games and the 1980s alike will be able to preorder the standard edition here or the collector’s edition here.