Sausage Sports Club Parties Onto the Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac on July 19th

Sausage Sports Club Parties Onto the Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac on July 19th

It's time to get physical-- Sausage Sports Club, the floppy sports title, will be released for the Nintendo Switch, Mac, and PC, on July 19th.

Goods news, long-necked animal fans! Sausage Sports Club, Luckshot Games’ physics-based party title, will finally be released on the Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac on July 19th.

In addition to announcing the release date of the title, developer Chris Wade also announced that the game will have an Adventure Mode, a replayable reality-show campaign that can be experienced solo or cooperatively. If you’ve been pining to recreate Big Brother with a corgi and a bald eagle, this is probably the best chance you’ll get.

In case you’ve been out of the sausage loop for a while, Sausage Sports Club is a sports-themed party game with an emphasis on its zany, Gang Beastsesque physics. Set on a reality show, the game offers eight-player multiplayer and game modes like Sumo, Soccer, and Capture the Flag,

Sausage Sports Club serves as a reminder that even the best-laid Kickstarter campaigns of mice and men often go awry. While many games burn out in the ether of Kickstarter before they receive adequate funding, successful campaigns also stumble into their fair share of pitfalls along the way. Sausage Sports Club found itself part of the latter, withering away in Kickstarter purgatory after missing its initial launch of Fall 2017. Thankfully, instead of disappearing altogether, the game lives on and will finally see the light of day later this month.