Beautiful 2D Adventure/Platform Game Savage: Road to Darkness Launches on Kickstarter

Beautiful 2D Adventure/Platform Game Savage: Road to Darkness Launches on Kickstarter

Savage: Road to Darkness is the latest promising Kickstarter hopeful, looking to release on PC, Mac, Linux, Switch, Xbox One, and PS4.

Today, Mexico-based developer Artcle Studio took its game, Savage: Road to Darkness, to Kickstarter: seeking $33,740 USD.


According to Artcle, Savage: Road to Darkness is a 2D Adventure/platform game, which is heavily influenced by traditional animation. In the game you play as Oni Wani, a crocodile warrior who is seeking to uncover the mystery about his past while making his way through the world of Akuma no Rakuen (Devils Paradise).

The following story pitch is provided:

The king has passed away and for ten years his kingdom… -an incredible world- finds itself sunk in an endless war due to the void left since the king’s death has awaken many people’s desire to take over the empty throne. Akuma no Rakuen has split off and a whole continent lays under the laws of some self-claimed kings, who with a great power and intellect, have accomplished to own a vast extension of territory in which everyone who crosses their path is forced to submit.

A legend lives in the shadows like a whisper that manifests itself as a myth among the faithfuls to the previous king… “The dragon will come and the fire will consume everything to make of paradise his kingdom.”


According to the developer, Oni Wani was given his name based upon his close resemblance of a crocodile (wani) and his demonic (oni) nature that brings chaos to any land he sets foot on. He was apparently reborn from something called the Greater Tree of Akuma no Rakuen, and had his memory wiped clean, resulting in him filling empty, and thus filling that emptiness with anger and violence.

Oni Wani is said to utilize a variety of weapons and fighting techniques, including the ninajaken (ninja blades), a deadly discipline that only a few can master. Each ninjaken is said to possess its own unique traits and effects.

Wani also deploys what is called Chakra, “the energy of life, created from all living things.” It said that several forms of Chakra exist, and each affects the nature of the individual. By harnessing this power, powerful techniques can be learned, this is known as Jutsus. Wani specifically can bend Chakra energy to his will, enabling him to switch between its different manifestations. Those who run out of Chakra however, are said to perish.

Savage: Road to Darkness is in development for PC, Mac, and Linux, with stretch goals that will enable it to come to PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch if met. Those stretch goals have yet to be divulged.

A release date also hasn’t been divulged. But a new trailer has: you can check it out below: