Save Impostoclaus and Winterfest from the Grinchlins in Spiral Knights’ New Content

on December 13, 2012 9:15 PM

Spiral Knights –the free-to-play multiplayer browser-based game–is experiencing Christmas a little early… and you can too. From now until January 3rd, Winterfest and Impostoclaus are coming to the players of Spiral Knights in the form of a new mission, a new Lockdown map, unique seasonal decorations, and prizes.

The new limited-time prestige mission tasks players with stopping a faction of gremlins named “the Grinchlins” from stealing presents from the town’s orphans. This missions charges players with guarding presents and eventually Impostoclaus himself from would-be thieves.

The new Lockdown Map, “Avenue,” allows the players to battle in a snowy arena using both swords and snowballs.

The Prizebox Promotion offers a free Winterfest Prize Box and Frosty Prize box for select energy purchases, and can come with Trinket Slot and Weapon Slot Upgrades, Krogmo Coin Boosters, Heat Amplifiers, decorations, or even an elusive Impostoclaus Outfit.

Check out Sega’s blog for more Spiral Knights Winterfest info, and the pictures below for a peak at Winterfest. As always, stay tuned to for more news.

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