Scalebound Director Hideki Kamiya Thinks You’ll Play it Longer than Bayonetta and Okami

on September 12, 2015 10:38 AM

Scalebound snatched some of our awards at Gamescom 2015, held earlier in August. PlatinumGames was quite successful with the  Bayonetta and Okami franchises, but Scalebound Director Hideki Kamiya  thinks his newest IP will offer longer play times.

Kamiya-san mentioned that the game will offer a longer gameplay experience than Bayonetta and Okami, which had a “shorter cycle.” He also stated that they will fill the game with fun and interesting side-quests, which will keep you coming for more.

“Bayonetta can be seen as a shorter cycle game – you may want to go back and hone your skills a bit more, or you might be so satisfied that you’ve completed it that that can be the end of it, same goes for a game like Okami. Now, with Scalebound, because the world is so large, my hope is that [players won’t just] go from beginning to end and that’s it. There are so many [side-quests] that we’re going to be sprinkling throughout this vast world that I hope you’ll go back to dungeons and pick up items that weren’t available to you at that time, and want to clear it in a different way.”

Scalebound launches in late 2016 exclusively for the Xbox One.

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