Scalebound Is Not a Monster Hunter-esque Game; Ken Lobb Hypes Platinum’s Xbox One Title

Scalebound Is Not a Monster Hunter-esque Game; Ken Lobb Hypes Platinum’s Xbox One Title

The upcoming Xbox One Exclusive Scalebound is still a bit of a mystery, but Microsoft Game Studios Partner Creative Director Ken Lobb dropped some hints in an interview on The Inner Circle Podcast.

Lobb explained that Platinum pitched the partnership to Microsoft because they know they can make great games, but they struggle with worldwide sales. They understand that it’s a mixture of good marketing and PR, but also understanding the western audience.

About what kind of game Scaleboud is, Lobb provided more hints: it’s not a Monster Hunter-esque game. We have to think about what Platinum does well, and that’s what they’re building. On the other hand, what Microsoft Game Studios do well, that’s what they’re adding.

Dragons are companions, and they’re “awesome.” We’ll be able to see Scalebound in a playable form this year, even if Lobb can’t promise that it’ll be on the floor at E3, because E3 planning has just been started.

Scalebound is very real and very awesome, and I think when people understand what it is we’re building, they’re gonna be shocked. It’s definitely a big AAA… What happens when you take the best of what Studios can do, and use that to help what Edge this year called the best developer in the world… Please be excited. It’s Amazing. I think they have the opportunity to make “The game of the all time.”

Looking at the hints Lobb dropped, I would speculate on the possibility that Scalebound may be a hack and slash action game (which is what Platinum does best), with all the technological weight of Microsoft Game Studios added on top of the Osaka-based developer’s expertise.

… And honestly, I simply can’t wait.