Scantily-Clad Code of Princess Trailer Released

Scantily-Clad Code of Princess Trailer Released

Remember when Nintendo Gameboys were black-and-white and had zero capabilities for rendering three-dimensional objects? My, how times have changed. Code of Princess is an example of said technological developments, as is easy to see in the brand-new gameplay trailer that was just released on Youtube.

The DS-exclusive title features intense, three-dimensional action in the form of a classic side-scroller. While the game looks interesting (particularly if you are an anime fan), the main protagonist’s outfit is baffling – gamers often joke about “platemail bikinis,” but in this case, it’s literal.

ATLUS has this to say about its upcoming title:

Developed by an all-star team of industry veterans, Code of Princess offers players an exciting yet unconventional hardcore experience, deftly blending fighting gameplay with components from classic arcade side-scrolling beat ’em ups and the character development and customization of an RPG. Up to four players can take on challenges cooperatively or battle against one another in competitive play. Both modes are available locally or online via Nintendo Network.

Check out the video below and decide for yourself whether or not you’ll prance about as the princess this October 9th, 2012.