Scarf, a New 3D Platform Adventure, Is Set for a PC Release This Winter

Scarf, a New 3D Platform Adventure, Is Set for a PC Release This Winter

THQ Nordic has announced Scarf, a new 3D platformer coming to PC this winter where Hyke and his scarf take on many puzzles and challenges.

Anyone from Europe, especially, knows what it’s like to wear a scarf throughout the year; yes sometimes even in summer. But here we are ready to get a little bit chillier, as publisher THQ Nordic and developer Uprising Studios have announced their upcoming title Scarf to release in the winter of 2018/2019 on PC. Maybe some of us in the colder climates can play along with our own scarf?

Scarf is about a charming protagonist named Hyke who owns a red polymorphic scarf and, with this, he can morph into different objects which will help to progress through this 3D mysterious adventure land. From the sounds of things, Hyke sounds either quite lost or lonely as he was born in an unknown place surrounded by other souls, but from what we’ve seen from the game so far, it doesn’t state who these other souls are.

All of “these souls” will begin on their journey through this curious world with the main objective being to fuse with it and become part of nature, according to THQ Nordic’s description of the game:

  • A story for all audiences with multiple narrative layers
  • Beautiful scenarios
  • A mysterious polymorphic scarf adapts to each world to give the player different skills and mechanics for each level
  • Immersive narrative and very visual gameplay through a story without text
  • Moments of quiet introspection and exploration juxtaposed by intense situations where skills will be put to the test
  • Distinctive game worlds
  • Natural scenarios where the inhabitants will respond differently to your actions
  • A magical world with a unique mythology where the player will visit different locations
  • Expertly crafted atmosphere

Scarf is in development for PC and the aim for release is winter 2018/2019, but I do hope it comes out this year as it sounds extremely charming. For more on the game, you can check out the announcement trailer below, along with its very first screenshots.