Scarlet Nexus’ Latest Dev Diary Gives More Info On Its Bizarre Enemies

Scarlet Nexus’ Latest Dev Diary Gives More Info On Its Bizarre Enemies

I don't like receiving flowers and the flower monster with legs is one of the reasons.

Bandai Namco’s upcoming cerebral action game Scarlet Nexus just received a new dev diary. Dev Diary Part 3 sheds a little more light on the game’s grotesque and weird as hell enemies. You’ll be seeing a lot of these creatures, known as The Others, throughout the game. If you’ve seen anything from this game before, then you know that they went all-in when it came to the designs.  

Game director Kenji Anabuki broke down a few of The Others and explained a little more about their backstory and his inspirations. He likened the creatures to an act of nature or a disaster. This will also be seen reflected in-game as they materialize from a fog in the sky. And to push the idea of The Others seeming like a weather phenomenon, there is also technology that tracks them tracks where they may fall.

If there’s one thing that sticks out about The Others, it’s those character designs. The game’s art director, Kouta Ochiai, went on to dive a little deeper into the choices behind the creatures. They set out to make something grotesque and bizarre. To do this, they took everyday objects and added elements to make them feel off and unfamiliar. They are all often amalgamations of organic and man-made objects. Resulting in creatures that are part bouquet of flowers and part lamp shade with legs. It’s decidedly strange and entirely the intention behind the thought process.

An additional detail behind the inspired designs was how they actually pertain to that particular Others’ past. It’s a detail that will surely figure heavily into the story so the directors’ were unsurprisingly tight-lipped. It gives us all a little more insight into what could be happening with these enemies throughout the game. They’re not just designed that way, but there is a story conceit behind it. I for one want to know the backstory behind the crocodile with a Gatling gun in its mouth.

scarlet nexus the others

Scarlet Nexus’ dev diaries continue to tease players with more of what the game has in store. We’re still a few months away from the proposed Summer 2021 release. In the meantime, we can expect a few more of these leading into launch. Hopefully, we will get a release date along with some more freaky looking monsters in the next one.