PS4 Exclusive School Girl Zombie Hunter Gets New Screenshots, Naughty Underwear Decoys and Co-Op Mode

PS4 Exclusive School Girl Zombie Hunter Gets New Screenshots, Naughty Underwear Decoys and Co-Op Mode

Today D3 Publisher update the official website of its upcoming PS4 exclusive School Girl Zombie Hunter with new screenshots and information.

We learn that, like in the game you can use your clothes as decoys to attract the pervy zombies the same principle applies to underwear. Using underwear in this way is crucial to survival in the school infested by zombies.

Taking off undwerwear during battle isn’t possible, but clearing certain conditions it’ll be possible to gain access to an option in the equipment screen to take a shower and have a change of underwear. That way you can use your used underwear as a decoy.

However, you’ll notice that underwear used only for ten seconds will have little effect, as used underwear is like oden, and it’s meaningless unless you soak it in the soup for a long time (no, I’m not making any of this up. It’s the official description).

Used underwear decoys cannot be created unless you have been wearing it for a certain period of time. It’s a “revolutionary and deadly item” and it makes sense that the effect of the decoy varies depending on how long it has been worn.

Like clothes, used underwear decoys normally has no effect on female zombies. Occasionally, “yuri” female zombies might react to your underwear, but “you won’t know the enemy’s hobbies until you throw it” (again, I’m not making any of this up, I swear).

The game also comes with ten mission that can be played in online co-op, playing with up to four friends. Co-op missions can be played by one to five players, but they will be more difficult compared to the story mode. However, you can use the characters that you have grown up in the story mode, and of five strong warriors that know how to use their underwear as decoys gather together, they might be able to survive.

Fallen heroines can be revived with the automated external defibrillator item, and any character within its range can return to battle after use.

We also learn more about the story behind the zombie invasion, caused by a mysterious man named “Ren,” who is creating the zombies in a mysterious underground facility under the school. In the research facility, the heroines will be body scanned, and copycat zombies will them appear, bearing similar features to them and human-like intelligence, making them the most dangerous about zombies.

School Girl Zombie Hunter will release in Japan for PS4 on January 12th. You can check out the screenshots below.