School Your Friends in These Kid Icarus Multiplayer Modes

School Your Friends in These Kid Icarus Multiplayer Modes

Have you and your friends exhausted your multiplayer shenanigans for Mario Kart 7 or Star Fox on the 3DS? Kid Icarus: Uprising has you covered. This morning Nintendo announced the game will include five multiplayer modes, each bringing a different challenge to the table.

Light vs. Dark mode groups players into two teams of three and pits them against each other. (Get it? “Pit”s” them?) The goal is to empty the other team’s health meter, upon completion of which the drained team’s final member standing turns into an angel. Defeating this angel is how you win, so brush up on your teamworking skills and start prepping your angel-sniping strategies.

In Free-for-All mode, six players (include CPUs) can enter the ring in a hand-to-had winner-takes-all battle royale. The angel with the highest number of kills and least number of KOs wins. This mode, as well as Light vs. Dark mode, are available through local wireless and online play.

Match Set-up is also available through online play and fills out the empty slots in your multiplayer roster with CPUs. Difficult, weapons, and handicaps are customizable for CPUs prior to the start of the fight.

Weapons collected in the Kid Icarus single-player mode can be utilized during multiplayer matches. Players can set up specific combinations of weapons and moves before starting a match as well as fuse weapons at the Arms Altar to create more powerful items. Weapons can be customized alongside move sets to suit the player’s fighting style.

The 3DS’s StreetPass functionality will allow players to share weapons with other Kid Icarus players. Players can choose to turn a weapon into a Weapon Gem, which can be shared and then converted into a real weapon in exchange for Hearts. Weapon Gems can be fused together as well to create more potent Gems.

Kid Icarus: Uprising will drop in North America on March 23.