Sci-fi Sandbox Game, Darkout, Greenlit on Steam With New Features

on August 30, 2013 1:12 PM

Darkout, Allgraf Studio’s scifi sandbox world where players have to survive nightime creatures on the planet Illuna with shelters and crafted weapons, has now been greenlit on Steam, and “enlist” in the commercial beta with the digital download service Desura.

Following the Greenlight success is a patch update for the beta, which releases hundreds of bug fixes, graphics improvements, new features, a PDM menu, an overhauled death system, and new inventory items.

Darkout‘s planet Illuna has a long history revealed through left behind logs that take players to Illuna’s past, all the way up to the events that led to the constant danger that now exists. Darkout also allows for character customization, has a discovery-based research system for unlocking technology, dark versus light light combat mechanics, mission-based system and multiplayer.

Darkout is now available for PC. Check out the Darkout website for more details, Desura for the $9.99 Darkout beta and $19.99 Darkout Special Edition beta, and the Darkout forums to aid in the development process. For a closer look at the game, check out the Open Beta trailer and screenshots below.

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