Sci-fi Survival Game Planet Nomads Now Available on PC; Receives New Launch Trailer

Sci-fi Survival Game Planet Nomads Now Available on PC; Receives New Launch Trailer

A new sci-fi survival game has entered the arena today. Planet Nomads allows you build, explore and survive on distant alien planets.

Craneballs Studios has released its sandbox sci-fi survival game Planet Nomads today via Steam Early Access. Alongside the game’s launch, we also have a brand new trailer which can be seen below.

Planet Nomads is a single player game that pits players against the harsh environments of undiscovered alien planets where they must gather materials, explore, and build to survive.

If this is your first time hearing about Planet Nomads, here is a description of the game’s premise and features:

Planet Nomads is a sci-fi sandbox game of survival on alien planets through lego-style building. You are a lone astronaut scientist crash-landing on a strangely captivating planet where no human has set foot before. Keeping your wit together and securing your basic survival needs that include food, water and building material is your best start towards figuring out how to get out of this messy situation.

Planet Nomads delivers a unique gaming experience by combining building, survival and exploration together to make you you feel like a true survivor.


Building is the cornerstone of Planet Nomads. What you build determines your chances of survival and increases your action radius and potential to uncover more advanced materials. Choose from several dozens blocks to create nearly anything your imagination can come up with.


You may have explored your immediate surrounding, but a couple kilometers away or a thousand meters higher, things could be radically different. The Sandy engine generates believable planets of all kinds with multiple biomes spreading from pole to pole. The 200 kilometer journey from North pole to South pole become an epic and everchanging adventure. Unlocking advanced technology allows you to explore the more hazardous places where you wouldn’t survive before.


Living the nomadic life is full of danger. and adventure. But mostly danger. Surviving on an inhabited planet is no easy task, but with careful planning, caution and a healthy amount of curiosity, you can do it. As long as you overcome radiation and poisonous atmosphere, avoid being slashed to pieces, frozen to death, eaten alive, starved and generally ended, that is.

Planet Nomads is currently available on PC via Steam Early Access. You can pick up the game right now with a launch week discount of 10% ($26.99).