Scientific Study Proves EA Sports Active Fitness Programs Work

With a major focus on fitness becoming part of gaming and society increasingly it should be a ‘no-brainer’ that EA Sports Active was created. Working together with the American College of Sports Medicine EA Sports has now brought scientific research to light that proves fitness programs tailored to the individual will work successfully in maintaining fitness and aiding in weight loss. Read on for the full details of how the study went down and how you can get the best out of your EA Sports Active workout.

In this study, conducted with 16 physically active adults from ages 25 – 45, the American College of Sports Medicine’s workout recommendations were used as the guideline to judge the performance of an EA Sports Active workout. These guidelines stipulate that depending on the heart rate of the person, and their oxygen consumption levels, they should either work out for 30 minutes a session, with moderate vigor, 5 days a week or for 20 minutes a session, with vigorous intensity, 3 days a week.

These guidelines also instruct the exerciser to keep a person between 64 – 94% of their maximum heart rate and 40 – 85% of their maximum oxygen consumption and require that they burn 200 – 300 calories per session. At the conclusion of putting EA Sports Active up against these fitness guidelines the game was able to successfully meet these ACSM workout conditions!

Coming Soon to the EA Sports Active Lineup, the Sequel!

Currently you can get your workout on in EA Sports Active, and EA Sports Active More but be on the lookout for an all new workout heading to the PS3 and Wii featuring heart monitor, Total Body Tracking wireless controls, leg and arm straps with motion sensors, and EA Sports Active 2 Online Hub to share workout statistics with friends online! EA Sports Active 2 is expected to release this Fall in addition to EA Sports Active 2 apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

“Our mission is to promote and integrate scientific research, education and practical applications of sports medicine and exercise science,” said Jim Whitehead, President and CEO, ACSM. “We develop guidelines to promote healthy living and are glad to see that EA SPORTS Active meets those guidelines for an effective workout.”

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