Scot Amos Teases at New IP from Crystal Dynamics

on June 24, 2012 3:00 PM

Crystal Dynamics, the developer of the classic Tomb Raider series, has recently caused a stir in the gaming community by recruiting staff for a new “cutting- edge third-person action adventure” for next-generation platforms. Although details are scarce at present (what a tease), Scot Amos, Executive Producer at Crystal Dynamics, had this to say on the matter in a podcast:

I think it’s an interesting combination of both Square’s perspective and Crystal’s perspective. Seeing the studio and what they’ve done, they have a pantheon of great properties, if you just look through the history of all the games that they’ve made and that they have, and that they still have… They’re even, as you know, doing some very new versions of those games.

But saying, we have all these great IP, now is a great time, looking at what’s coming in the future, what’s coming up in the console space, what’s going to be happening next… Let’s start now, with a blank page.

We take that kind of bold step of, let’s make something new, something where we don’t already have a finger in that particular pool, and let’s try, from scratch, to make a new game with all of our abilities and skills. What would be a new great experience for our future?

Third-person action games are nothing new for Crystal Dynamics, but that’s nothing to scoff at – they do them well, as is evidenced by the popularity of their titles. The podcast featured both the Q & A session with Scot Amos quoted above, as well as various clips from recent media briefings and quotes from E3 from members of the company. Fans of Crystal Dynamics games will just have to wait in the meantime, though, until more news is released – official sources are keeping their lips sealed in regards to juicy details for the moment.

To listen to the entire podcast, click here.

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