Scott Pilgrim Movie Director Edgar Wright Says He’s “Working On” Bringing Back the Video Game

Scott Pilgrim Movie Director Edgar Wright Says He’s “Working On” Bringing Back the Video Game

Could the long-delisted Scott Pilgrim video game finally be coming back? Well, it seems as though Edgar Wright is trying to find a way.

There has strangely been a lot of rumors and teases surrounding the delisted Scott Pilgrim vs. The World over the past few months. Back in May, the game’s publisher, Ubisoft, seemed to be teasing that a return of the side-scrolling action game could be coming about. Last month, the composer of the title, Anamanaguchi, seemed to be teasing the same thing. And now, the director of the movie adaptation that the game itself is based on is dropping even more potential hints that a return could be coming in the future.

Spotted first by Inverse, Edgar Wright, who directed the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World movie, today teased that some new information regarding the property would soon be coming about to coincide with the movie’s tenth anniversary. When asked if the tease had anything to do with a re-release of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game, Wright surprisingly responded and said that it didn’t, but he was “working on the video game situation.” What exactly does that mean? Well, it’s hard to say, but it does seem as though Wright has tried, like many others, to get Ubisoft to release the popular title once again.

However, just because Wright is seemingly trying to make ground doesn’t mean that he’ll be able to pull it off. Bryan Lee O’Malley, the creator of Scott Pilgrim, actually tweeted out earlier this week that he’d be shocked if the game was ever released again. O’Malley says that despite his efforts over the years, Ubisoft has remained entirely silent and hasn’t bothered to contact him about the game’s status in any regard.

So is Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game going to be saved by Edgar Wright alone? Well, I wouldn’t get my hopes up just yet. That said, the game has received a fair amount of renewed talk in recent months from some notable figures, so perhaps discussions at Ubisoft are finally taking place to bring the project back. I’ll keep my fingers crossed the same as you.