Screencheat Makes its Way to Nintendo Switch with New Unplugged Edition

Screencheat Makes its Way to Nintendo Switch with New Unplugged Edition

Screencheat: Unplugged brings its oddball multiplayer FPS action where all players are invisible to Nintendo Switch next month.

Australian based indie development outfit Samurai Punk’s unusual first-person shooter title Screencheat is getting a remastered edition exclusively for Nintendo’s hybrid console, the Switch, under the name of Screencheat: Unplugged.

Screencheat: Unplugged is a multiplayer FPS that stands out from the crowd. Unlike most titles in this somewhat over-saturated genre where players must scan the area and close in on opponents in order to get them in their sights and secure a kill; Screencheat pretty much scraps that whole concept. Instead, each player is invisible!

With four invisible players dashing around the arena, the object of the game is to glance at rivals’ screens in order to determine their locations. This bizarre concept crosses traditional first-person shooter action with Hide and Seek.

The title was originally released on Steam back in 2014, but the Unplugged edition acts as something of a remaster. The game’s colorful visuals have been reworked and enhanced exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Screencheat: Unplugged will be bringing its unique take on classic couch-based multiplayer action complete with a wide range of odd weaponry which includes hobby horses and candlestick holders to Nintendo Switch on November 29, 2018. The original version of the title is available now on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.