Screenshot Saturday Round-Up: Long Gone Days, Death’s Gambit, Massive Galaxy, and More

Screenshot Saturday Round-Up: Long Gone Days, Death’s Gambit, Massive Galaxy, and More

Screenshot Saturday this week features Long Gone Days, Mugsters, and other hidden gems.

For those that don’t know: Screenshot Saturday is a weekly event where developers (mostly indie developers) take to Twitter with the #screenshotsaturday and share their screenshots/Gifs of their games.

That being said, here are some of the notable screenshots/Gifs shared this past Saturday, yesterday, May 7, 2017.

Long Gone Days

Platforms: PC/Mac/Linux –  Release Date: Q1 2018 

Developer: BURA

Long Gone Days is a character-driven RPG inspired by dystopian literature, but set in our present time, featuring real countries.

The game casts the player as Rourke, a sniper from the Core, an isolated settlement below the surface of the Earth. Just like everybody else in his homeland, Rourke has been trained from birth as a solider, and knows almost nothing about things unrelated to his job.

After finding out the awful truth about an operation he’s part of in Kaliningrad, he takes the decision to abandon his post, not realising the consequences of deserting an inescapable war.


Death’s Gambit

Platforms: PC/PS4 – Release Date: 2017

Developer: White Rabbit — Publisher: Adult Swim Games

Death’s Gambit is a challenging Action-RPG where you explore an alien medieval planet filled with beasts, knights, and horrors. As an agent of Death, bound to his service, you must banish your fears and endure the struggle that lies at the heart of Leydia. Master the precise combat, strategically plan out your attacks, and face-off against terrifying creatures that reach to the skies. Use an arsenal of weapons and abilities to explore the unforgiving lands, rich with secrets and twisted characters that may aid or hinder your journey. Find the source of immortality that plagues the land and unravel its eternal ties to the realm.


Ayo the Clown

Platforms: PC/”Potentially Consoles” — Release Date: TBA

Developer: Cloud M1 

Ayo the Clown is a 2.5D side-scrolling platformer reminiscent of genre favorites like Mario and Donkey Kong. What sets Ayo the Clown apart from traditional platformers is its sense of adventure, light puzzle facets, and RPG elements.Like the Legend of Zelda series, Ayo’s potential isn’t realized at the game’s offset. You will collect skill upgrades and extra hearts that add to your overall life as you progress through this lush world.


Massive Galaxy

Platforms: PC/Mac/Linux — Release Date: TBA 

Developer: Massive Galaxy Studios

Massive Galaxy is a space trading adventure game, a point and click adventure with space trading elements in the mix. Explore, Trade and Fight across several systems.

Set in a massive galaxy, explore dozens of planets, habitats and other strange space locations. You start in a pan-human world, and you will need to trade and profit so you can soon get a better ship and visit new worlds.


Platforms: PC — Release Date: TBA

Developer: Reinkout

Alien orbs are tearing up the scenery while you outrun, avoid and outsmart them using anything found on remote islands which are holding your fellow humans as prisoners in vats!

Dodge alien abduction rays, save the people and depart to safety in a hot air balloon.



Platforms: PC/Mac/Linux/Consoles — Release Date: Q4 2018

Developer: The Game Kitchen

Journey through a nightmarish universe full of hellish, bloodthirsty creatures. Exploration, intense combat and a very twisted religious world await you in this action platformer, by the studio that brought you The Last Door.

Blasphemous is an action-platformer that combines the fast-paced, skilled combat of a hack-n-slash game with a deep and evocative narrative core, which is delivered through rewarding exploration of an intricate world comprised of non-linear levels. Submerge yourself in an uniquely awkward dark fantasy, carefully created by our awesome team of pixel artisans.


Platforms: PC/Looking to Release on PS4 and Xbox One — Release Date: Spring 2018

Developer: Smallheart Studios

Woodbound is a settlement management/survival strategy game centered around the horrible decisions one has to make when trying to avoid being murdered by a big hairy monster. Foster relationships, build a shelter, perform a sacrificial ritual. Woodbound aims to push you to make the hard choices for the benefit of your tribe. Coming soon to Steam Greenlight.