Screenshots and Environment Art Appear from Rockstar's Long Dormant PS3-Exclusive Agent

December 22, 2015

Rockstar Games has been at the height of their game with the releases of some stellar titles over the last half decade or more, such as last generation’s Red Dead Redemption and the gigantic Grand Theft Auto V, yet its long-rumored PS3-exclusive title Agent dropped out of the conversation from its original reveal at E3 2009, and while there hasn’t been any indication of the game coming to release just yet, some images have appeared and shown what the game may have come to be.

While no signs of Agent, which was originally announced as a PS3-exclusive title at E3 2009 by Rockstar Games, have provided any clear evidence of the game being completed since that announcement, new images surfaced of artwork and environments from former Rockstar artist Darren Charles Hatton, who posted various screenshots of in-progress work during his time at Rockstar Games (found by users through Reddit) to a portfolio page.

Specifically, the screenshots and images show different wireframes and beginnings of the game’s environments, with Hatton noting on his portfolio that he was “not sure if this project will ever be published,” and also detailing that during the development of Agent, Hatton and other members of the studio’s art team “were taken off this project to focus on GTA5.”

While there aren’t any other images of the characters or other details shown, the images do give a good background look at the work and detail that went into creating the game’s environments and setting, with Hatton noting on his page:

“I was given a roughed out grey box village on a mountain side and I had to take ownership of it all the way to completion.  Everything in these areas I controlled. From the way buildings sat and interacted with the empty space, asset creating, UV and Texture.  Dirt blending between buildings and environment floor,  and game play design.”

Agent was in development by Rockstar Games for release on PS3, though the game’s current development status is unknown at this time – in the meantime, you can check out images from during the title’s development below:


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