Screenshots of Amber Throne Takes Brushstrokes to New Heights, Video Also Released Showcasing the Game’s Battle Tunes

Screenshots of Amber Throne Takes Brushstrokes to New Heights, Video Also Released Showcasing the Game’s Battle Tunes

The upcoming turn-based PC RPG game, Amber Throne, is taking art to a new level…one brushstroke at a time.

In Amber Throne, this beautifully pale painted game which uses soft brushstrokes, you’ll play as Arra, the daughter of the Amber God. After the Amber King foresaw his death due to a rebellion, he raised his kingdom into the skies, placing it behind an impenetrable cloud.

Unfortunately he left behind Arra, who was placed in a deep sleep. As the Amber God withered away in his castle, the rebellion died within – trapped far above the earth they’d left behind, with the Throne hanging miles above.

As time progressed, the people below built new machines and technologies, threatening to invade the Amber Throne. Now it is up to Arra who is now awaken to find a way to continue her father’s plan and put an end to the Throne.

Created by using the RPG Maker VX, the game will feature the following characters:

  • Arra: The daughter of the Amber God, awakened to put an end to the Throne. She’s old-fashioned, wearing ancient armor while carrying an unhealthy obsession for classical weaponry. She prefers the large broadswords of the past and sharp rifles of the present.
  • Popelle: A young girl who ran away from home. Helps and watches over the people of the Divide.
  • Nuo: An engineer with an interest in flight. Popelle’s older brother.
  • Sirra: An Arroc (humanoid-bird) cast out from his race’s society for violating their law, the Apocrypha. Without a modern update to the Apocrypha, the Arroc find difficulty adapting to affairs involving the Amber Throne. His primary weapon is a spear.
  • Oboa: A mysterious Sehr with an interest in an ancient, forgotten civilization far to the west.
  • Evelyn: A pure-hearted girl chosen by the Red King to inherit the Amber Throne and become the next Amber God.
  • The Fefniron: An order of knights arranged by the Red King to secure the Throne for mankind.
  • Axis: The former Amber God and father of Arra. His monstrous, lifeless body still sits atop his castle in the sky – the book he’d used to compose his final plans still in-hand.

While a release date has not been announced, The Biggest Missile did release screenshots and a video highlighting the musical battle tunes of the game, which only plays when an enemy is encountered.