Screenshots of Lost Orbit are Out of this World

on December 28, 2013 3:01 PM

Get ready to take flight with Pixelnauts’ upcoming “vertical platformer” entitled Lost Orbit. The game centers around a maintenance worker named Harrison whose spaceship is destroyed in an accident. Rescued by a stranger, Harrison, struggles to survive the various stages flooded with environmental hazards that will result in a violent and bloody death.

You’re equipped with only a suit’s booster pack and the gravitational pull of nearby celestial bodies as you avoid asteroids, orbit planets, try not to freeze to death and slingshot yourself around alien globes to get through each level as fast as possible (speed is key). Like always you’ll have to be careful or you’ll collide with deadly space matter.

Lost Orbit will release on PC, iOS and Android in summer 2014.

Check out the screenshots in the gallery below.

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