Scribblenauts Sequel is... Super!

By Joel Taveras

May 17, 2010

Although we already knew that there was a follow up in the works to the award winning Scribblenauts. What we didn’t have a time frame or a title, however thanks to a press release today, we now have both. Normally sequels have some sort of numerical value added to the title. I was expecting something along the lines of Scribblenauts 2 or maybe even II in roman numerals. Heck, If they wanted to be funny, maybe it could have even been Scriblenauts Too. 5th Cell, the creators of the game have other ideas.

Super Scribblenauts will be the name of the follow up, and it is anticipated to ship this fall for the Nintendo DS. Why does adding the word “super” to the title make it seem that much cooler I do not know, but we will definitely get to the bottom of this at E3 where the title is expected to be shown. In the mean time check out the latest screenshots of the sequel below!

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