Scuf Gaming Has Made a PS4 Alternative to the Xbox One Elite Controller

Scuf Gaming Has Made a PS4 Alternative to the Xbox One Elite Controller

PS4 finally has their own version of the Xbox One Elite Controller: the $169.95 Scuf Vantage controller for PlayStation 4.

It’s been a while since we last heard about Scuf Gaming on DualShockers — like, nearly half a decade ago. And since then, we’ve seen many jumps in what we would consider the traditional gaming controller. That includes the Xbox One Elite Controller and the newly-revealed Xbox One Adaptive Controller. But those are, obviously, both in Microsoft’s camp — does Sony have an alternative?

That is the camp that Scuf Gaming is hoping to fill with its price $200 Scuf Vantage PS4 Controller. The new controller on the scene is officially licensed (a step that normally weeds out the lowest quality of knock-off controllers that you pass on to siblings), and is feature rich.

According to the press release that went out earlier, Scuf Vantage lifts some ideas straight out of the Xbox One Elite Controller. This includes some side-mounted left and right SAX buttons that allow for some extra input, paddles for remapping, and a removable faceplate so you can do a bit of tinkering under the hood.

Outside of that, there are some extra features — namely an audio headset control option built in via touchpad. Below the thumbsticks there is an audio touch bar that you can raise and lower the volume and mute a mic. The obvious drawback is that the controller needs to be in wired mode and it only works with a plugged in (versus wireless) headset.

Finally, anyone picking up the Scuf Vantage for PS4 can also change up the weight of the controller through the modular design. And, on top of that, all models are packed in with travel cases to keep everything packed-in and protected.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a third-party controller riff off of the Xbox One Elite Controller design. Specifically, the Wolverine Ultimate Xbox One controller by Razer was an equally compelling option for people willing to deviate from first-party brands.

Right now, the Scuf Gaming PS4 controller is available for pre-order in two models: a wireless and wired model at $199.95 and $169.95, respectively.