Scum Is Heading to Early Access This August and Gets a Teaser Trailer

Scum got a teaser trailer detailing the basic plot and setting of the title. It was shown at this years Devolver Digital E3 press conference.

Open-world survival game Scum from developer Gamepires and in cooperation with Croteam is heading to Steam Early Access later this Summer in August. The game features prisoners who end up taking part in a televised event that sees them fighting for their lives in the wild against other contestants and other beings.

Scum is set to be a hardcore survival that’s set online and features character customization. It will also feature character progression and will require players to balance base level needs with knowledge-based skills. This will mean balancing between nourishment, metabolic rates, body mass, combat style, security systems hacking, and weapons proficiency.

Should players perform well and progress to higher levels of the game they’ll receive gifts from corporate sponsors in-game. Die though and they’ll be resurrected with all their skill still intact.

The teaser trailer talks a lot about this title being season two, but the developer has confirmed back in 2016 that season one will be detailed through lore and that a previous title wasn’t released.

Devolver Digital announced Metal Wolf Chaos XD yesterday at its E3 press conference, and has also teased Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass screenshots after announcing it back in AprilScum was amongst the titles to be shown.

Scum is due to launch onto Steam Early Access on PC sometime in August 2018.


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