SCUM's Wild Hunter Update Lets You Sport an Eight Inch Penis and Play a Harmonica

Decorate your camp with heads, grow your penis, and play the banjo in the new SCUM update.

SCUM arrived on Early Access back in August and a new Wild Hunter update is now available today. The update introduces a range of new features including musical instruments and adjustable penises to Gamepires and Croteam’s hardcore survival.

Bows and arrows are introduced to SCUM with this new update, allowing players to grab hold of a Recurve bow somewhere on the island, or craft an improvised bow. There are two different types of arrows available for the bows as well, with carbon arrows needing to be found around the island, and craftable wooden arrows.

The bow and arrow mechanics are planned to be expanded upon with more to be introduced at a later date.

Also arriving in SCUM is primal crafting. This feature brings a wearable goat cap and a boar cap. Players can also use decapitated heads and whack them on a spike to decorate their camp. There are also creepy necklaces to wear, with a tooth necklace and an ear necklace being available with three different varieties depending on how often the player hunts.

Musical instruments introduce a guitar, a banjo, and a harmonica that can be played with precision using instrument mode. This will allow players to use these musical instruments by using re-bindable keys to play different notes.

SCUM now allows players to be fully nude if they wish, although a concealed mode censors the nudity. Those who do want the nudity can have their penis set to the smallest setting at one inch, or to the maximum setting of eight inches. The default is four inches and players with the SCUM supporter pack get to add an extra two inches! Be warned though:

“As with everything in SCUM, this attribute is connected so if you add points into length it will reduce available attribute points and if you reduce the size you will gain more attribute points to be used elsewhere. “

Other updates to the title include a behind the camera view that’s currently only available to those that rent servers and have an admin role. This allows players to create a character with the name “Drone290818” and they can act as a drone flying around the map.

The SCUM Wild Hunter update also introduces one extra head to choose from and simplified Chinese has been implemented. There’s also a load of changes to balance the game more as well as bug fixes that you can read over at the games official steam news page.

SCUM is available now on PC as an Early Access title. Have a look at some of the new models below.

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