SCUM's Christmas Patch Introduces Fortifications and Willy Warmers But Deletes Your Saved Progress

Snow might have fallen across the world of SCUM, but at least you can build a house while wearing a willy warmer.

By Ben Bayliss

December 24, 2018

SCUM, an in-depth MMO survival from Gamepires, and Croteam have launched a brand new Christmas-themed update. Devolver Digital announced the update on Twitter on December 21 announcing new fortifications, snowy landscapes, and genital sweaters.

The recent Christmassy patch brings the game to and brings a range of content to SCUM, however, the introduction of Fortifications requires saved game files to be wiped. All characters and items will now be completely deleted and will result in starting from scratch.

So let’s find out what these new fortifications are. This new addition to the game will allow you to fortify your home and install a door that can be locked. You’ll be prompted to purchase the building by using fame points which will then let you lock your door using a choice of three types of locks. You can install up to three locks to a door for extra security and can craft a basic lock to get you started.

Teammates will be able to visit you without issue, however, for those strangers outside of your squad they’ll be able to attempt to unlock the door using a screwdriver and a lockpick, or a craftable improvised lockpick. Players who make use of the Thievery skill can change either the duration, angle difference, or lockpick durability to suit their lockpicking needs. It’s not just doors either, you’ll be able to board up windows which will stop people from vaulting through them but can still be destroyed. This is the first version of fortifications and will be upgraded over time with future updates.

The world of SCUM has also changed as a sheet of white snow has fallen across the land. This cold new landscape brings the ability to craft snowballs, build a snowman, create gifts, and find a sled or craft one and go zooming down those hills. To add some love to SCUM, a new emote now allows you to make a heart shape with your fingers and thumbs.

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The cold weather might bring the above features, but it is understandably cold. It’s snow after all. Everyone, and especially those that choose to have a longer phallus after the last major update can now keep their little pecker warm with willy warmers. Two of these warmers can be found in the world, but players who own the Supporter Pack of SCUM will get a fancy elephant willy warmer next time they log in.

The patch also brings with it some new balance changes such as changes to the temperature, and there are also a load of bug fixes to fix up some parts of the game. If you’re interested in reading those you can head to the Steam update page. SCUM landed onto Steam Early Access back in August and is available on PC.

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