Scump Discusses OpTic Performance Against ATL FaZe – CDL 2021 Results

Scump Discusses OpTic Performance Against ATL FaZe – CDL 2021 Results

Scump has spoken about the performance of Optic in their recent defeat.

The first week of CDL (Call of Duty League) 2021 was brought to a close as OpTic Chicago suffered a 2-3 defeat to FaZe Atlanta. Scump discussed Optic’s performance saying they “just didn’t have an answer for what they were doing”. Fans were given tense games of Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, and Control. FaZe Atlanta came out on top after winning three games of five.

What Went Wrong for Scump and OpTic?

The week one final took place on February 14, and now Scump of OpTic Chicago has released a YouTube video discussing what went wrong in the matches. OpTic Chicago was able to hold their own during the games of control and hardpoint, with one game of hardpoint coming down to just five points. But it was the games of Search and Destroy that OpTic lacked in and ultimately, lost in first week’s final. During two games of Search and Destroy, OpTic were only able to secure a single round out of a total of 12.

Despite the lacklustre performance in Search and Destroy, Scump said that they are:

“Not as bad of a Search team as they showed”

Scump also put his bad performance down to the Miami map, he said:

“I was at a loss for words after that map. What could I even do differently in some of those situations?”

What’s Next For OpTiC Chicago?

OpTic Chicago is now set to take on Toronto Ultra on Thursday, February 18. Toronto Ultra recently took on the Florida Mutineers and dominated their Hardpoint games to pick up a 3-1 win of the Mutineers. The official team of Toronto Canada struggled in their Search and Destroy matchup and only won by a two-round lead. With OpTic and Toronto both struggling to perform in Search and Destroy, it will be interesting to see who comes out on top when they face off come Thursday.

When Is The Next CDL Match?

The second week of CDL 2021 is set to kick off on Thursday, February 18 when the Los Angeles Guerrillas take on the Florida Mutineers. OpTic Chicago will then make their return as they take on Toronto Ultra as the second matchup in week two.