SDCC 11: Here’s a Tales of the Abyss 3D English Trailer, You’re Welcome

on July 21, 2011 6:00 PM

Typically when you think of Comic-Con, you think Western-developed titles or fighters, you don’t see many Japanese publishers showing off very Japanese titles. I suppose Namco Bandai made an exception for the Tales of the Abyss 3DS port, because they released the first English trailer for that particular title, and it’s great to see a Tales game getting some attention at this event. Hit the break to check out a few features of the game, as well as the trailer itself.

  • Experience Tales in a way only possible with the Nintendo 3DS – battle in a whole new dimension! Fight against your enemies, unleash devastating Mystic Artes, and explore the expansive World Map in 3D.
  • Captivating story and depth that is the hallmark of the Tales series – explore the story through more than 40 hours of riveting gameplay and fully voiced anime cutscenes.
  • Stunning visuals – lush, colorful graphics bring attention to the detailed anime art style of artist Kosuke Fujishima. Sprawling landscapes and beautiful towns populate the world of Auldrant and bring it to live!
  • Dynamic Real Time Battles – command the “Flex Range – Linear Motion Battle System” for unparalleled tactical control over characters’ movements and attacks. Hone characters’ skills using the “Field of Fonons” and evolve their fighting techniques to more powerful forms.

I realize all that is a bunch of “marketing speak”, but yeah, the game is pretty great, even when I played it back on the PS2. It’ll be great to have it in handheld form and have a game this critically acclaimed on the system, Lord knows it needs some of those. Tales of the Abyss comes to North America for the Nintendo 3DS this fall.

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