SDCC 11: Soul Calibur V’s CC Trailer is Pretty Interesting

on July 25, 2011 8:00 PM

Namco has blessed fans with another trailer for the upcoming fighting game Soul Calibur V. This time, we get to check out the fighting styles of Natsu and Zwei. As expected, Natsu fights with a variation of Taki’s fighting style. This likely means that she is a disciple of Taki’s, or connected to her in some similar way. She also has a fiery pink super attack that looks pretty ridiculous. Zwei handles his sword like a bawse and is pretty fast to boot. I’ve just decided that I don’t care for his character design though.

Ivy gets a small game-play portion as well, but this is largely useless if you’re already familiar with the character (and since she’s been in every game, you really should be). A small story detail can also be gleaned from the trailer. The voice speaking in the beginning sounds a lot like Sophitia but different, like she’s possessed or something. It also changes my previous theory that Patroklos is a villain, but you have to watch the trailer to understand. Go ahead, it’s after the jump. Soul Calibur V will be available on HD consoles early next year.

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