Sea of Solitude Creative Director Has Already Written Her Next Game

Sea of Solitude Creative Director Has Already Written Her Next Game

Jo-Mei Game's CEO, Writer and Creative Director Cornelia Geppert has already written the first draft for the Sea of Solitude developer's next game.

In July 2019, Jo-Mei Games and EA partnered to release Sea of Solitude, an indie game that tackled anxiety and other mental health issues. It was an engaging title that was spearheaded by Jo-Mei Games’ CEO, Writer, and Creative and Art Director Cornelia Geppert. I met her in person at E3 2019, and you could tell that she was truly passionate about Sea of Solitude or whatever she creates.

To kick off the new year, Geppert confirmed that she has already written the script for her team’s next game. With renewed energy in the new decade, she claims to have written the entire first draft of whatever Jo-Mei Games is doing next. While this a very short period to right a game in, it’s good to know that Geppert was already inspired to write her next game.

Of course, Geppert’s next game is still probably years away. While a draft of the plot is complete, it likely still has to be edited and refined further. Plus, an entire game needs to be built around it. While this is probably all we’ll hear about the Sea of Solitude developer’s next project for know, DualShockers will be sure to let you know whenever it is finally unveiled.

If you want to know what DualShockers thoughts on Geppert’s last game, check out our review of Sea of Solitude. It is currently available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.