Sea of Solitude: Director’s Cut Announced for Nintendo Switch

Sea of Solitude: Director’s Cut Announced for Nintendo Switch

Sea of Solitude makes its way to the Switch next year.

At last night’s The Game Awards 2020, Jo-mei and Quantic Dream announced that Sea of Solitude is heading to Nintendo Switch in a brand new Directors cut. The game initially released last year and received praise for its emotional dive into mental health issues and this time, the new version will come with a rewritten script, a new cast of voice actors, ‘augmented’ cutscenes and even a photo mode which is a brilliant feature to Sea of Solitude‘s breathtaking world.

The game’s Director Cornelia Geppert also appeared at the event’s pre-show to excitedly announce that the game will be coming to Nintendo Switch. Speaking about Sea of Solitude, Geppert said that it was “an honor to be nominated for The Games for Impact” category at last year’s The Games Awards for our most important project to date called Sea of Solitude.” Geppert continues to say that she’s very happy that the title will be coming to the Switch this winter and that her games company has “fully reworked the entire game and calling it “The Director’s Cut” because it’s a version of the game that truly represents what I wanted to convey about the topics that are especially important in today’s difficult times.”

You can check out the trailer below to get a feel for the game if you haven’t yet jumped into it and if you would like to read our very own review of the title, you can check that out right here.

Sea of Solitude is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and the Director’s Cut version will launch on Nintendo Switch on March 4, 2021. There will also be a Limited Edition boxed version that’s up for pre-order direct from Quantic Dream which includes the game physically and “an exclusive sticker”.