Sea of Thieves End of Year Statistics Show Whopping Big Numbers

As 2019 draws to a close, Rare has shared details of the statistics that have been racked up in Sea of Thieves throughout this year.

By Ben Bayliss

December 23, 2019

As we sail closer and closer to the edges of 2019, nearly every website, game, or company is pushing out their yearly statistics. Rare is one of the developers taking part in this by bringing forth, to the public, results of their pirate-themed title Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves originally launched in 2018, but throughout 2019 it has received more content updates, some of them being titled ones bringing a plethora of content. This year we’ve seen the Anniversary Update which introduced the Shores of Gold questline for players to take part in. We’ve also seen The Seabound Soul which brought fire to the game.

With all these updates Sea of Thieves has continued to hold a strong pirating community, and the statistics for the end of the end show an impressive bunch of numbers. I’ll also include my own personal stats below so you can see how little I’ve contributed to the game.

Gold, the currency used in the game to purchase new skins, clothes, and ship parts. Throughout 2019, pirates have earned over 216 billion gold in total. Players have also completed 81,121,937 voyages, be that to grab treasure chests, complete merchant quests, or more. Me? I’ve only earned an awful result of 21,101 gold in my travels.

Pirates in the game are able to fish, and the new feature has deemed itself to be quite a popular feat as players have caught over 43,639,010 fish. Along the way, deadly skeleton ships sail the oceans, of which players have encountered 44,516,452 of these enemy ships. They have also encountered 25,157,099 Megalodons.
In addition, over 1,698,383 ships have caught fire.

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The Gold Hoarder has been defeated 160,219 times, while The Arena has seen 526,665 players win matches.

Interestingly, rather than using explosive barrels for offensive strategies like I usually do, players have been selling gunpowder barrels. 6,203,299 barrels to be precise. There have been 104,044 players who have ventured off onto Dark Relic voyages, and 3,802,099 Reaper Chests have been sold. Players have also been visiting the Black Market 12,124,380 times.

Since Sea of Thieves introduced pets to the game, apparently the Skeleton Cockatoo has been the most popular out of all of the available pets. And while taking part in the Fort of the Damned players have died 25,689,713 times. But those who gathered cosmetics from it have equipped 35,233 of the themed cosmetics. As pirates go through the seas and complete quests, they level up through different reputations. In 2019, players earned 127,486,291 levels of reputation as the entire community spent 121,086,625 hours on the game throughout the year.

I didn’t really jump on the game much this year despite wanting to pour more hours into it, but at least I know I sailed 133,980 metres and set foot on 81 islands. I also killed a pathetic number of 4 skeletons while they ate a banana.

If checking your personal stats is your thing, you should be able to check it out over on the official website after logging in to your account.

Sea of Thieves is available for Xbox One and PC and is available on Xbox Game Pass.

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